1960s Hellerkunst ✧ Seven Miles Boots Boy without Base #germanwallfigures

This is the latest Heller version of the Seven Miles Boots I’ve known of. It is still marked „Hellerkunst“ – only after 1966 was the producer’s name shortened to Heller. „Kunst“ means art, and Heller started to move from of the art of wall figures to „normal“ wood toys. That was a good strategy because the era of German Wall Figures would soon be gone. Heller managed to shift their main production to the „new market“. The great thing is that they have remained the only producer who still offers a small selection of fairy tale wood pictures! Screen-print on wood and rare. Enter the following in the Ebay.de-search or in the search of my Online-Museum GERMANWALLFIGURES to discover more: germanwallfigures meilen

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