1970s ORIGINAL BERGISCHER ENGEL (sic) ✧ Hansel and Gretel with Big Heads #germanwallfigures ♡

At the beginning of the 1970s, Original Bergischer Engel had been sold to the Mertens-Kunst manufacturer Alfred Mertens. From there on Alfred Mertens produced under 2 names, Mertens-Kunst and Gruner Witkop. He took the name of Mrs Gruner Witkop (former founder and owner and sole artist of Original Bergischer Engel) to keep HER OLD customers. Shortly before that Mr. Mertens had a few wall figures stampel with “Original Bergischer Engel”, but please note that it was a STAMP. Only the white-red paper on the back had really been produced by Mrs.Gruner Witkop. So, this Hansel and Gretel design was most likely done by Ute Mertens. Johanna Gruner-Witkop told me that she had never drawn “those big eyes” motives. Forgot theories – sometimes real life is so unreasonable. I would NEVER have this figured this out by myself. Johanna Gruner Witkop (90 in 2018/11) had told me this story, HER story.

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