1950s Kleur & Profiel: “Proud Holland Girl with Flag”

Hand-painted on plywood. You can divide the wood pictures roughly in two categories: “Fairy tale/no fairy tale”. It’s like Walmart supermarkets with the two main “food/no food” sections. And it’s as difficult too, because there are so many in betweens. This however is easy: “No fairy tale”!”Jan Snelten (1909–1976) was the director of nursery decoration ‘Kleur en Profiel’ (Colour and Profile) in Tiel, the Netherlands. This factory was located at the Stationsstraat across the milk factory.” (Quoted from Catawiki)

// The most beautiful thing is holding a vintage wooden German Wall Figure in your hands. My Ebay.de-Shop finances my project of digital heritage: ebay.de / maerchenholzbilder

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