Johannes Graupner was the creative mind behind “Graupner”, also known as “Graubele”. At the beginning, he had worked for “Cannstatter Laubsäge-Arbeiten” who had produced fretwork templates on paper. He modernized the fretwork templates by having them printed on wood, so that children only had to cut out the wood motives and color them. Even the color scheme was added to the fretwork set. Partents were thrilled to have their children work on something useful and pracise their skills.

In 1935 it became a family business being called first “Graubele” and later “Graupner” (around 1960). The founder Johannes Graupner died in 1953. His son Hans Graupner became the manager until his death in 2010. The third and last generation was Stefan Graupner, the founder’s grandson.

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