The two most frequently asked questions are:

1. How much are German Wall Figures worth?
2. Can I buy them from the Online Museum?

I have been buying, swapping and selling German Wall Figures for many years. I can’t keep them all. This online museum is a beloved but expensive and time consuming “hobby” which I try to finance (at least in part) by trading with German Wall Figures. My Ebay shop name is “germanwallfigures”. You will find several hundred of my listings on Ebay.de
I do worldwide shipping and have sent them to Australia, the United States and many other countries so far. Some of my listings will also be found on Ebay.com

The “worth” of German Wall Figures is fluctuating a lot. A typical price is around 10 Dollars für a very nice one, some sell for 5 Dollars or less, some don’t sell at all and sometimes a very rare and lovely item sells for around 30 Dollars.

The more I find out about the German Wall Figure era (1930s to 1970s), the more I get this feeling: I haven’t seen them all, there must be hundreds and hundreds more that even I don’t know of. Yet. This is why you will regularly see more and more new items in this Online Museum. My aim is to show a thousand different beautiful objects by 2020. Now you will find more than 600.